I truly believe that people come into our lives for a reason, at just the right time, to enrich us in some way- to steer us in the right direction, help us realize our potential and remind us to live and love fully.

But there are also times when these lessons are as painful as the reasons are unfathomable. And their messengers, more menacing than we thought humanly possible.

I might never understand why he came into my life and what lessons I was supposed to learn, but I do know this:

These messengers can try to strip us of our dignity, shatter our hearts, and reduce us to ashes.

But they will never steal our fire.


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9 thoughts on “Texas

  1. Brooke. I mean, what can I add to this that I haven’t already? This is an extraordinary piece of writing, and each time I read it my mind is blown to pieces. ‘Forever trapped on a page.’ That is where he and the experience belongs and I love that you have abandoned him here. (He belongs elsewhere but I don’t need to go off the rails and add my two cents about that – I will leave my crucifying thoughts and opinions to your imagination.) As your friend, words cannot express the pride I feel having watched you fight your way through the anguish this experience caused you. You have written something freeing and exceptionally powerful and it reflects what he failed in taking from you. Only a weak and insecure person would try to suppress the light that burns inside someone while claiming to love them. He didn’t have the strength to look up at the stars and wish for you to touch them, but the beauty is, you never needed him to. He was never good enough and he knew it. Now so do you. So, shine on my friend. Leave him here and continue moving forward with the courage and fire that has brought you this far and don’t you dare look back. Go touch those stars and know that the true love you deserve is out there waiting to find and embrace you. And that person will boldly encourage you to never stop reaching.

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    • Thanks so much, T. You probably know better than anyone how excruciating this whole process has been. And I’m not sure I will ever completely heal or forgive him.
      But there are moments when I can find peace with it all, and I just want him to find peace, acceptance, and love. We all deserve that: to forgive ourselves for what we’ve done, and to forgive ourselves for letting others treat us any other way than with love and kindness. But we all make choices of what we do with our pain and how we treat others…and he made his.
      Despite everything, I don’t regret showing him how it feels to be fully loved. Hopefully, he will let someone else love him like that…and learn how to do the same.
      Much love, and thanks for being all things you.

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