About Our Gypsy

Writer, wanderer & passionate humanitarian, trying to do a little good, stirring up a lot of trouble…summoning magic along the way.

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This is my story- both beautiful and tragic- but always full of adventure and the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. I hope you find something that inspires you to speak your truth, live boldly, love unabashedly, and always look for the magic.

Because if you don’t look for it…



21 thoughts on “About Our Gypsy

  1. I got your link from something I posted on facebook about a relationship, I am collie. I am just saying hi, thank you for this. I have no idea who you are , but I will find out. 🙂

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  2. Hello b.breazeale
    “… ©while summoning magic along the way.” Isn’t life a mysterious magical walk? Great line … 🌈
    Thank you for following my writing blog. It’s a place where I like to express the many things I feel through writing, photography and challenges. They’re always with and artists eye.
    Feel free to check-out my photography blog too. It has a more detailed about me page. Thanks …
    Isadora 😎

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  3. It sounds like you’ve lived quite the life! I’m going to be away from the blogging community for a bit, so it might be a while before I can give your work the attention it deserves, but when I return I look forward to reading what you’ve shared!

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  4. Brooke, what an amazing journey to have shared with the world. I loved reading every single one of the entries under “A Gypsy’s Tale” and “30 Day Cleanse”. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share in your journey. It has meant so very much to me. I still have “Empowering Women in Ghana” and “My Adventure in Congo” to begin, and I am anxious to read those. Just because you know how I’ve come to feel does not mean you won’t hear it from me time and time again. All I can say is I wish I knew you for real, and I wish I could sit with you and have coffee or share a glass of wine some time.

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  5. I am always amazed by people who make travel an integral part of their life. Thank you for helping me find your blog. I met a lot of amazing people in WordPress in the last 30 days. One more in my list now. 🙂 And I like incomplete sentences that are left to the reader to interpret/complete (because if you don’t look for it…). Following you.

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