Cream or Sugar

Maybe in another lifetime,
Our fates liberated from the confines of continents,
The injustice of timing,
The pre-existence of her and him.

Maybe then… you’d know.

10 thoughts on “Cream or Sugar

  1. Your poem is masterful, B. It’s both beautiful and shattering. There is no such thing as confines when it comes to true love. Always take the leap. It’s a shame that so many people don’t find the courage to do so in this lifetime because being forever haunted by what could have been is the worst kind of fate.

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    • Thanks, T, and you know, I completely agree. But I also know (like “Phd-level” know) that sometimes circumstances and timing can make leaping physically or emotionally impossible, or just plain reckless. One of the maddening plights of the human condition, I suppose, and one that’s starting to make me believe the “man behind the curtain” is actually the Mad Hatter himself.
      Alas, I guess all I can do is stand firmly in my ruby slippers and hope the next leap doesn’t send me back down the rabbit hole. 😉
      Hugs and love to you, and all things magic.


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