Exposed, Inside & Out

I wouldn’t normally re-post my border-line obsessive edits, especially given the whole “completely exposing myself” thing. But this is more of a revision than minor edits.

It seems I needed to push my comfort zones even further and strip off an additional layer (clearly not in the literal sense, as that wouldn’t be possible 😳).

So for those of you who didn’t immediately skip to the end of Warning, the Following Contains Nudity, you’ll probably catch the added reveal- one that I believe needs to be heard to expose the insidious, relentless impact shame can have on every aspect of our lives.



7 thoughts on “Exposed, Inside & Out

    • I know…the sacrifices we all have to make in the name of equality and evolution. But sometimes, you have to peal off the layers to get to the naked truth. 😉
      You’ll like this one…très apropos.

      The Fable of the Naked Truth

      One morning, while Truth skinny-dipped,
      Old Falsehood found where she had stripped.
      That liar stole her royal robe
      And strutted in it round the globe.

      But Truth was pure and would not wear
      The rags that Falsehood left her there.
      From that day onward she went bare,
      Clad only in the sun and air.

      Exposing all to all she greets,
      Who fall for falsely dressed deceits,
      The Naked Truth with glory gleams,
      Dispelling Falsehood’s charming schemes.

      Although its wrap looks safe and sound,
      Not all that seems is truly bound.
      The garb of Truth can fool the wise,
      When it is worn as a disguise.

      But morning doesn’t fight with night.
      It simply says, “So long!” with light.
      Just so, deception from a lie
      Must go at Naked Truth’s “Good-bye!”
      — David L. Hatton

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