Good Intentions


* Illustration by Rebecca Dautremer

He took it from her, studying it closely.

“I think it’s broken”.

It is, she said.

“I can try to fix it”.

They tried, she replied.

“Well, I haven’t”.

No, you haven’t, she hoped.

10 thoughts on “Good Intentions

  1. My heart broke when I began reading this, then I felt immense sadness because I know what it feels like to try to function and retain order in your life when the heart inside your chest is so catastrophically broken. Simply breathing becomes a monumental task. But then, just as quickly, I felt hopeful. Despite being told it couldn’t be fixed, she again put her faith and trust into someone else’s hands. That takes a whole lot of courage. So ultimately, in the end, what I feel is extremely proud. She isn’t giving up, and I know that under no circumstances will she. Love this, Brooke…very much.


  2. Hearts are like that…we can give them to others but it isn’t until we heal them ourselves that they begin to hold the belief in ourselves, and a love like no other. It is in truly loving ourselves, by facing and understanding those fears we have, that brings meaning into our lives.
    Our fears are built on a mask, and because we ‘give out’ that mask we attract accordingly. And one day as we have had enough of the pain and hurt, we say ‘enough, I am worth more than this’, is when we begin to drop the mask and stand in our truth, which then allows others to treat us accordingly and be able to truly resonate with our lives.
    Great post, beautifully worded, and the beginning of that love ❤

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    • I love this, Mark. Thank you for taking the time to read and offer such thoughtful insight. I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately, I have had to learn this the hard way…the very long, painful hard way. And no, I haven’t found that love just yet, but I know I will. I’ve definitively said ‘enough’ and, although admittedly still seem to be attracting people who confirm my fears, I at least have the self-love and strength now to end it when I am not being treated the way I know I deserve. It’s a big step from spending so much time and energy trying to prove my worth to someone who will never see it…most likely because they can’t see their own. I’m glad our paths crossed, and I look forward to reading your writing!

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      • Thank you kind lady. And that ‘hard way’ has much purpose to show us…us. So that we can ‘see’ that we are holding back because of our fears. Those very people come into our lives to press our buttons so that we will reach that place and say ‘enough’ and break free.
        And yes it is a very hard and painful time, but in doing that we will really appreciate what it has taken to ‘break free’ and understand why we have those fears. That understanding is the key.
        Its like doing a new job for the first time, we are unsure, nervous and don’t even know if we can do it properly. But after we do it for a while and understand all the parts of the work, it becomes second nature and no longer worries us. The fears in our lives are like that too…understand them and they will set you free 😀 ❤

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