I think it’s time.

‘It’s easier to leave than be left, isn’t it?’

You know it is. You always leave first

               …. you just do it standing still.

                                   * illustration by Rebecca Dautremer



15 thoughts on “Surrender

    • Thank you so much. Crazy how nothing is spared from the lens of heartbreak… even the sweetest things fall prey to a relentless melancholy. This was written while I was in the thick of it though… the colors are finally coming through. Eventually I’ll be able to write about those, too…. that is the hope, anyway. Big hug to you, thanks for taking the time to comment.

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  1. You have a remarkable ability to make people feel, and it never ceases to amaze me. So often I sit shaking my head after reading something you have written because there is just no end do your depth. You are a gift, not only as a writer but also as a human being and only good things are what you deserve. My hope for you is that one day soon only love and wonder will once again occupy the space in your heart, and feed your soul the happiness you so deserve. As always, I am in awe and am looking up at you.

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    • You girls (Floweringink) are determined to make me have a good fucking cry this evening, huh?
      Thank you, T. It does feel like there is no end to the depth, but more in the sense that everything penetrates at a level that can’t be dismissed or moderated. It lingers, saturating every tiny cell until I’m simply drowning in it.
      My saving grace is that this hold true for joy and love as well as heartbreak and pain. It’s just that the latter seems to cripple me to the point that the prior loses all ground…and down the rabbit hole I go.
      But you are right. I deserve love, wonder, happiness and my soul to be fed, as do you. All of these things are happening at a rate that proves why we all are here- loving the shit out of each other through friendships that started with just words…
      Magic is real if we are willing to tell reality to fuck off for a spell and do everything we can to summon it. ;o)

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