The Unedited Truth of What if Feels Like to Find yourself Unexpectedly Reliving Your 20s (Thought Catalog)

Check out my latest article published in Thought Catelog:

The Unedited Truth Of What It Feels Like To Find Yourself Unexpectedly Reliving Your 20s

It’s fun, think you’ll enjoy it. But I have no idea what the picture is supposed to mean. And they take liberties with the title. But, I’ll take it.

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3 thoughts on “The Unedited Truth of What if Feels Like to Find yourself Unexpectedly Reliving Your 20s (Thought Catalog)

  1. I really enjoyed your article. I turn 42 in a little bit here and I am amazed to find myself adulting in the conventional way you describe, sweet husband and 2 kids a garage with a car etc — but I really always expected to hold on to the freedom you have, and being planted this way is really weird for me. Sometimes I feel like it’s a dream and the real me would be selling all her stuff to move to France. You should come have coffee and bring some color to my conventionally adulting home. I mean that.

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    • Oh girl, please, meet me for coffee. You are amazing, I already know it. You still have your freedom, it just looks different than you though it would. Your comment is the most beautiful I have received. If you are in Denver/boulder… Paris.. wherever. Let’s meet for coffee


  2. Brooke, You were born with this amazing gift of writing from your soul and straight from the heart. Pure inspiration! It’s not just the way you write it’s the energy, love and raw truth that comes through that captures the reader. Your stories truly touched my heart! I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience so much pain with the ones you love. Biscuit was a very special boy! I believe in magic too. Life would be pretty boring without it. PS. Loved your articles on making love stay and adulting.


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