About the Author

Tagline:  A passionate humanitarian, concerned global citizen and dedicated activist for protecting and empowering vulnerable populations…while summoning magic along the way.

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The essentials: A gypsy at heart, I have traveled the globe and lived everywhere from Paris, France to the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am told I am fearless, maybe a bit crazy, but I always try to live my life to the fullest and maybe do some good along the way.

The Story: I decided it was time to share my story- my journey and adventures, my pursuit manifesting my dreams, and the lessons I have learned in the process. I have always been on a mission to save all people and creatures in need of a little help…and, yes, this includes me. So, here goes. I hope that you enjoy it, that it inspires you and challenges you to live a life that excites you. Most of all, I hope it reminds you to always look for the magic…because if you don’t look, you will never find it.

2 Responses to About the Author

  1. irishguy says:

    I got your link from something I posted on facebook about a relationship, I am collie. I am just saying hi, thank you for this. I have no idea who you are , but I will find out. 🙂

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