Magic Winter.ionut

That moment of truth. Your truth.
When you stop running. Because you have to.

Because your soul implores you.

That moment you discover, what you feared most
was, in fact, what you’ve been searching for all along.


Photo by Caras Ionut


16 thoughts on “Courage

  1. The boxes we build, all our lives, and then live within. To reach up and out, grasp the horns and stare one’s true desires in the face… Please, just close the lid. The molder is comforting in a stifling sort of way.

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  2. I hope you’ve taken root, Brooke. I’ve missed you.

    Do you remember in the film when Andy Goldsworthy climbed into that ridiculous tree to impale himself there, as if to become the branches?

    I’m in Tucson for the third time in a year, mostly to walk in the saguaro hoping, I suppose, to learn something from them.

    Thanks for still writing.

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    • That’s very nice to hear, kb. “Taken root” is still an ambitious assessment, although that sounds lovely…as long as it’s in substantially richer, more nurturing terrain. I sense a shift happening, though- a long-awaited re-birth of sorts, hopefully syncing up with the season.
      The tree scene is the most memorable for me, although I might be thinking of a different scene, the one where he climbs through a somewhat inhospitable hedge. I actually wrote about that scene (
      “There are two different ways of looking at the world. You can walk on the path, or you can walk through the hedge…step aside off the normal way of walking or looking.”
      Clearly, I believe veering off the path is essential for growth. Although I’m finally realizing that we don’t have to impale ourselves to do so. (And you know I say this from the vantage point of one impaled…repeatedly). But I guess that’s just what it takes for some of us to learn that pain isn’t a necessary requisite to acquire knowledge…the path to wisdom, I suppose. (and one I am still navigating, to be sure.)
      I hope the desert proves to be more nurturing than its appearance would indicate…and that your journey doesn’t require repeated stings from the spines.


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