Quote challenge, Day 1 of 3: Worth the risk…every time.

I was chosen for this challenge by brandewijnwords FOREVER ago. I am honored that this talented, brilliant soul is interested in what words inspire me. Anyone who follows me on Instagram (@summoningmagic) knows how obsessed I am with quotes. All to say, here is my very belated response. I hope it fulfills my intention to inspire…or just make you feel.

I wrote these a couple of weeks ago, still grappling with the sting of what feels like a perpetual string of heartbreaks.

“There are two things that define us: the love we are willing to give and the risks we are willing to take.”   ~ Brooke Breazeale

“We are the sum total of those who have broken our heart and those who have made it feel whole.”        ~ Brooke Breazeale

I do feel like our greatest heartbreaks in life eventually change us, define us, for better or worse, depending on what we choose to do with the aftermath. It’s so easy to fall prey to bitterness or self-deprecation, letting them build an impenetrable fortress around our hearts until they callous.

I actually wish I could do this at times. I assure you, I’ve tried. I simply can’t. It’s a result of muscle memory, I suppose. When we experience it- the kind of love that makes us feel whole…the kind that changes us- it becomes impossible to settle for a life void of it. That’s been my experience, anyway.

So I take the risk, over and over, incapable of moderating what’s inside, begging to be released…refusing to succumb to the aftermath.

Okay, so the rules (which I’m not exactly following, as shocking as that is):

1. Thank the person that nominated you.- check

2. Write one quote each day for three consecutive days (3 quotes total)- will do my very best!

3. Explain why the quote is meaningful to you. – check

4. Nominate three bloggers each day to participate in the challenge- probably not

I will deviate a bit on #4…the unwavering ‘rule-breaker’ in me, I suppose.

  1. I shall pass this lil’ challenge along to our incurable dreamer (who very well might kill me for this). But swapping quotes is what we do, and she always finds the good ones. (okay, I usually have already found them, but we all will benefit from hearing her insight.) ;o)


8 thoughts on “Quote challenge, Day 1 of 3: Worth the risk…every time.

  1. Umm, Brooke. I am not going to kill you…but, dammit, we will be chatting about this shortly!!! 🤨

    Despite my hesitancy, it does mean a whole hell of a lot that you feel anything I have to say is relevant or meaningful enough for you to nominate me for this challenge. So, for that, thank you! I mean it.

    You are a hard act to follow, but, I accept. And when I do decide to do this, I will put my best foot forward to try and match the honesty, heart, and meaning found in your beautiful words. Yeah, not easy I know, but I can do this. There are some quotes out there you have never read before (for real, dude) and I am determined to find them. They will be representative of me, of course, but hopefully will also be inspiring, just as yours are.

    Keep writing and pouring your heart out, B. Your words resonate and stir the hearts and souls of many, and that makes you, Magic.

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  2. It’s challenge week for the tribe! And you met yours with aplomb, I must say. Can’t wait to read what’s next. And I’m glad you challenged Tanya … I’d love to see more stuff from you both! 👏👏👏

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