A Tribute to Sevilla, Spain & Mi Gente

If Paris was the intense, elegant, somewhat intimidating sister, Sevilla was her charming, beautiful sibling. But when Spring came, they both transformed. Paris into a seductive dream of warm, playful decadence, and Sevilla into an exotic fantasy of colors, music and the intoxicating smell of orange blossoms.

In the thick of writing an academic article about child marriage in Pakistan…so revisiting one of my favorite places in the world, my second home, was a welcomed reprieve.

Today is the last day of La Feria, the spring festival that embodies so many of the things I love about Sevilla. So here are some fun pictures of Ferias past and ‘mi gente’-dear friends, now family- I’ve known and loved for over two decades…


Mi gente from this year and Ferias Past (mejor amigo, Oscar and I, his wife and daughter, Alejandro & Valen dancing ‘the Sevillanas’, and ‘los chicos’…


La Giralda


My first Feria in ’98


My beautiful friend, Araceli…a patient soul who taught me the Sevillanas


El toro de oro


The source of one of my favorite smells: orange blossoms


My Spanish niece, Esther, and her beautiful mama…


My Spanish mom and sis…my two favorite ‘Maites’.


Manolo, my favorite trouble-maker


161224 0011

Bringing Briya (my company) to the streets of Sevilla (photo by the extremely talented Alvaro Rodriguez Galan



28 thoughts on “A Tribute to Sevilla, Spain & Mi Gente

    • God, most of them on the most primitive you can imagine! Some were taken by people I was with. But I’d say the majority were either on my phone or the equivalent of a throw-away camera. ;o) But truly, it’s such a magical place, it’s hard to take a bad picture! I’m glad you enjoyed them…last minute post as I was being tortured by my Spanish peeps’ instagram posts… had to join in somehow.

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  1. You talk about Spain so often; it’s nice to finally get a glimpse of the place you love so dearly. Spain is on my list of places to go, and for sure, when I get there, I am totally going to go sniff an orange blossom like nobody’s business. I will inhale it deep into my lungs because it must be magic. In fact, I know it is. Thank you for sharing this, B. I love seeing photos of you smiling in the place that makes your heart soar! 💃🍊

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  3. The way you started this post made me feel like I missed one! I was cursing Reader, again. 😉

    This is a beautiful celebration of friends, family, life, and what is obvious a very beautiful land. Great share, Brooke! 👏👏👏

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    • Thank you, love. Yes, probably seemed a little incongruent, but it was something I wrote the last time I was in Paris. I got to jump over to Sevilla to spend Christmas with my peeps and thought it interesting to love two places equally that are so different. Anyway, I thought it somewhat captured the magic of Sevilla in the Spring. I’m glad you liked it…so behind on my blog reading and excited to catch up on your world. Caught a glimpse and at least know that some birthday love needs to be sent to Mrs. C. Please pass it on. 🙂

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