Penetrable Fortress

I sometimes wish my heart would callous. When it’s surpassed its threshold, an impenetrable fortress would rise, defenses firmly in place.

But it doesn’t…
                                                                                                             *Illustration by Rebecca Dautremer

It remains open, taking in everything at once,
with an intensity that maybe one day…will transform good intentions, into magic.                                                                                                                                                                                         


16 thoughts on “Penetrable Fortress

  1. I hate that you hurt. So much I hate it. But if it’s a choice between you feeling or feeling nothing at all, well, I wish for you to feel absolutely all of it. You with a hardened heart is something I simply can’t imagine, don’t even want to, and I just shuddered at the thought. You would not be you, and that would be a shame and a monumental ​loss. This pain is meant to teach you something and is your gift. Doesn’t seem like it now, but you are, in fact, one of the lucky ones. And I am not required to explain that any further because I know that you understand exactly what I mean. Few are blessed with what you possess.

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