And the Nominees Are…



To be honest, I don’t know much about this, other than it’s a vehicle to give accolades to our fellow writers.

So, thank you very much, LemonZest, for nominating me.

Now it’s my turn to celebrate some of the writers I’ve come to love- those who have inspired me by having the courage to open their hearts, tell their stories, and share their insights with talent and grace…and/or just make me laugh.

Oh, and I should confess, I’m not following the rules exactly (shocking, I know). I chose a select few because I wanted to showcase why I chose them. So this list doesn’t include all my favorites, but since we tend to run to in tight circles, I know the rest of the names of writers I love and admire will quickly surface.

So, my nominees are, in no particular order:

  1. The Incurable Dreamer, for her gift of always making me laugh out loud while tears are simultaneously streaming down my face. Her words effortlessly express her humor, huge heart and uplifting perspectives…always with a solid dose of hutzpa to keep things interesting. “I silently wept. Not from sadness but happiness experienced in its purest form. The kind of happiness that makes you see colour for the first time, that ignites your soul and makes you not only feel like you can fly but that you already are.”  My Surgeon thinks I’m a Whore
  2. Flowering Ink, for the way her words flow, inspire and reveal all the layers, textures and depth of her strength and character. “For me, poetry is the ultimate expression and exercise of language. It is the bones, the blood and the heart, uncovered and untethered.” Stretching my Voice
  3. Desertcurmudgeon, the unassuming prophet, who always leaves me in awe of his sheer brilliance, huge heart and capacity to express his insights with wit, “Be exhaustive, be brave. Become the warrior this sad and scary world so desperately needs. In the depths of our unconfused minds…We’ll realize that we create our own reality and that everyone we meet in this place is just us with a different temporary mask. That’s where empathy begins. That’s where true, indestructible love resides. Everything will be okay.  It can’t be otherwise.Warrior Mind
  4. Brandenwulf, for never ceasing to amaze me with what he can do with words, always rising effortlessly from the page and enchanting me with their richness and texture.  Morning Kiss                                                                                                                 “Little by little it comes;
    Building drip to falling drop.
    Tiny explosions shatter, rippling
    Into a thousand points of their self.”
  5. My Dang Blog, for always making me giggle and feel more at peace with my OCD tendencies and quirky idiosyncrasies. Please know, I say this with the utmost reverence, because these characteristics just make her more colorful and interesting…plus, she’s charming, witty and should seriously consider giving up her day job and pursue stand-up.                                                                                                “She kept using the good tea towel, you know, the one that’s for show…There was another tea towel, a plainer one, that was close to the stove and sink, and simply screamed out, “Use ME!”…I would come back after a weekend at home to find it hanging all crumply and stained. Why didn’t you just tell her, you ask? Because that would be the most ridiculous conversation in the world, like “Can you not use this tea towel? It’s for show.” Driverless Cars, the ‘Good’ tea towel
  6. Tom Being Tom, for writing in a way that makes me feel like I’ve always known him, and at the same time, like I’m listening to an old soul from another time and space… “I will chase the reality and the fantasy of life. I will be broad and bold; utterly complete and evolving still.”: We are Not but One Thing
  7. Writing to Freedom, for his eye for beauty and talent for capturing it with his captivating photos and words. Peace Prevails (Note: Brad’s site is award free, but this is more about sharing his gifts.)

I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself. So, here goes:

  1. I am determined to save the elephants and gorillas and pangolins and sea turtles…(this list continues, but your time is precious.)
  2. I move around a lot.
  3. I like good coffee, kale, beer, chocolate, avocados and whipped cream.
  4. I hung out with Jane Goodall for a day. (okay, it wasn’t just me, and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t recognize me if I was standing in front of her, but still…)
  5. Paris feeds my soul, Sevilla awakens it.
  6. You will never hear me say the words ‘I’ and ‘baked ‘ in the same sentence (talking pastries here, people).
  7. I believe in magic.




21 thoughts on “And the Nominees Are…

  1. Thanks for sharing from your heart Brooke. I love the peek into your daily life and what and who inspires you. Now I have more blogs to explore! I’m touched that my creations inspire you and grateful to be on your list. You inspire me with your passion for changing the world. May we always share, uplift, and support each other. Blessings, Brad

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  2. Not surprised in the least that you were nominated for a Versatile Blogger award – congratulations, Brooke! Your courage, wisdom, tenacity, humour, and depth have captivated me since day one. Each word you write illuminates the radiant beauty of your heart and soul, and always leaves me wanting more. It has been a hell of a fucking honour and blessing to be a part of your remarkable and inspiring journey. As for you nominating me…well, what can I say? It means more than you know. The fact that an esteemed writer like yourself chose to be a part of my crazy world, and stuck around, still blows my mind. Thought for sure my potty mouth would scare you away, but, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…that’s so funny – kindred spirits much?!

    Thank you, Brooke, for this nomination, and well, everything.

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  3. Thank you, Brooke, for including my humble writings among such a luminary list! The true all-stars of the game there!

    Over the weekend, amidst Super Bowl gathering prep and clean-up, Mrs C took a moment, upon my prompting, to look at recent changes to my site. She had fallen behind on her reading (shame!) due to being overburdened by work obligations (okay, forgiven).

    She took a long look at my aesthetic changes and said something only honest spouses can say:

    “I hate it.”

    Her candid and stellar advice prompted me to make it more user-friendly, on both sit-down and mobile devices. She was pleased with the changes; I was, too.

    But during all that, she became transfixed by a recent post of mine, reading it over and over and dubbing it her “favorite thing” I have ever written. (“Us and Them,” by the way, currently a sticky post in her honor).

    So, I walked away to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday on that writer’s high. 😊

    And this morning, I awaken to this. I can’t imagine a better 36-hour stretch of complimentary inspiration.

    Brooke, thank you again for thinking of me. I’m gonna jump right out of this chair and head into my work day skipping like a dancin’ fool, high on the recognition that I hope, in some way, to deserve. Your gift is beyond appreciated.

    I’m also going to go explore Brad’s site in depth, since he’s the only one on this list not in my circle. If he’s listed there, he ought to be. Your appreciation of Writing to Freedom (great name!) is all the incentive I need.

    Have a great week, friend!

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