Songs from a Gypsy’s Soul: Ever After

I keep seeing the posts coming in: wishes well for the year ahead or blessings counted for the one that passed…or heartbreaking accounts of why we so desperately want to place 2017 firmly in the past.

I tried to write one of these, all three versions. But nothing. It seems I’ve lost my words.  I’m not sure why. I wish I could get them back or out or whatever needs to happen. But they also seem to be stuck firmly in the past at the present moment.

So for now, I’ll steal more words from others who have fed my soul… and saved it at times.

But this one you’ll like. It’s for the future I have to look forward to and the gift of the present I have to get there.

A Gypsy’s Tale: Ever After (on Spotify)

13 thoughts on “Songs from a Gypsy’s Soul: Ever After

  1. Brooke, I believe the voice is still there. I just think there are a lot of external factors keeping it muzzled. I have a feeling you are a spring/summer child that tends to get more withdrawn once autumn has moved into winter. I also believe that the general frivolities of this time of year brings additional and unique stress factors. Compound that with the current global environment and, well…you get it.

    It is ok to just be where you need to be while you need to be there. We’ll be here no matter what.

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    • See, I just needed to come back here for a reminder of why I came in the first place. Thank you for your encouraging words. I think you are exactly right, pretty much everything you said. I just needed to hunker down, shield myself as much as possible from how very alone this time of year can make me feel and will myself not to get lost in the regret and pain of it all. But I made it through…still standing, truly ready to put all of it behind me and forge on. And I have some serious catching up to do on what’s been going on with the tribe!! 🙂

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      • Good. And it’s nothing one should ever feel sorry or ashamed. I struggled this year as well, and that is NOT like me. It’s bound to take it’s toll. Spring will come, and Brooke will flourish. Of this I have no doubt. 😘

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      • You’ve earned a struggle, in the sense of letting yourself feel and be vulnerable. I get the sense that you take on the role of ‘the fixer’, and I know there has been so much trauma that has happened to you and your family. I hope you do let yourself process and move through that. You deserve to be cared for as much as you care for others. I hope you know that you are.

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      • I do take on that role, and that presents it’s own struggles. I more I am connected with others the more I find myself getting overwhelmed, so I am trying to learn how to moderate myself. Not easy for an empath/healer though.

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  2. Why do I never get an email or ANYTHING to notify me that you posted something?! Suck eggs, WordPress! Anyway. This, Brooke, is all that you needed to say. It’s absolutely perfect. The words are in there, no doubt, and they will come out when you are ready. And when they do, they will be lit with radiant light and beauty, which is the very essence of your soul. You are moving forward, and to watch you take these steps makes me so incredibly happy and proud. Your strength never ceases to amaze me.

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  3. Sometimes, it is in those moments when we feel the words are lost, that we find new ones to express what lies deepest within us. The beauty inside of you is something that can never be lost or stolen, and in time, the words will appear through that beauty in ways that are exciting and terrifying and enlightening. Language is part of your fabric and sometimes that fabric needs to breathe and rest. You have found your calling and your passion Brooke; it is clear in everything you write. Always be patient with yourself. You are exquisite.

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