Redemption Revisited (published in Thought Catalog)

The previous post, Redemption, was inspired by a writing competition I entered for Thought Catalog. I wasn’t expecting for it to be published so soon. So although not a ton of variety this week, here is a slightly altered version of my take on fall. Fingers crossed….

Fall Reminds Me That Everything Can Come Back To Life

I also wanted to share Brandewijn’s enchanting poem, Autumn’s Fall, that he so eloquently brought to life to also pay homage to our harvest Queen.



7 thoughts on “Redemption Revisited (published in Thought Catalog)

  1. Super-duper proud of you, Brooke! I can’t seem to get my poop in a group to even attempt something like this once, but with ease, you just keep doing it over and over again. Your tenacity inspires me, and my admiration for you is basically immeasurable. You are kinda my hero. This article made me smile, not only because your talent jumped right off the page and punched me in the face, but because I also know what awaits you…only extraordinary.

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