I hate you because I love you (Elephant Journal)

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I hate to inundate you with hate here, but I had no idea this was published in Elephant Journal back in August.Β I hate you because I love you

Promise, no more hating after this!!! (And god, the picture is a bit dramatic… no say in that department!)

27 thoughts on “I hate you because I love you (Elephant Journal)

  1. Thank you Brandewulf, for setting her straight. Sheesh, girl. YOU are a shining fucking example of ‘awesome’, so OWN IT…all of it. And please, for the love of all that is holy, take it in. How does it feel high up on the pedestal? It’s a really great view up there, isn’t it? I couldn’t be more proud, so revel in this. You earned it.

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      • Oh, and I am posting my comment from Tanya’s site here just so you can’t say you missed it.
        Ok so apparently you two have not heeded my post about the wonders of you. I see I will have to take sterner measures with you both on this.

        So you best be prepared for tongue lashings every time I come upon either of you apologizing for anything other than being unsolicited assholes. You ARE allowed to be an asshole to someone who forces you to be one based upon their words or actions. I am sorry it must be this way, but you have left me no choice. Now please rock on for me!!! 😎

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      • Ha! Well-deserved by both of us!! And be very clear, you WILL know if you have been an asshole to me or anyone else who is the recipient. But dammit, I’ll still probably say I’m sorry for being one back… this too, is a process, so gentle tongue lashings welcomed. πŸ™‚ You are a gift, a talented one at that, so please keep doing that whole rockstar thing that you do so well. πŸ™‚

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      • I wouldn’t want it any other way than to be notified of instigating assholiness. (Does that make one a holy ass? hmmm) I don’t know about that whole talented rockstar thing, but I the compliment is not taken lightly nor under appreciated.

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  2. Great article, Brooke. The answer, of course, is to keep the love and drop the attachment. That simple statement seems to cause more confusion than any other in our culture, because we have absolutely zero examples of it to observe — not in real life and not in fiction. We do not know the difference between love and attachment. Attachment is what causes the suffering — during and after any relationship. Love is what ultimately gets destroyed by that attachment. Losing someone should never be a person’s greatest fear, otherwise that might just — and usually does — become a self-fulfilling prophecy.


  3. I am filled with emotion at your courage to be so open and vulnerable. In this piece, you took me not only into your story, but back into a place where I could face some of the things in my past with forgiveness and a new understanding. Your writing is stripped and bare and honest and beautiful.

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    • Oh love, I just saw this. What a beautiful surprise. I’m sorry this took you back to that place but also thankful, because I know you made it to the other side, and it was only because you let yourself be vulnerable and found your courage to go there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful words of support. You are a gift.

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