The Heartbreaking Truth (Thought Catalog) 

Here is the latest published version of my article that people either love or hate…or maybe a little of both.

The Heartbreaking Truth Behind What It Really Means To Hate Someone You Used To Love.

14 thoughts on “The Heartbreaking Truth (Thought Catalog) 

      • Thank you thank you. And I did start writing my Katrina tales, so thanks for the little nudge. There is a line from a song by my favorite band. When it comes to your blog, I feel this line when it comes to you and your blog:

        From the point of ignition
        To the final drive
        The point of the journey
        Is not to arrive
        anything can happen

        I miss the journey that is you, but know I haven’t arrived. I also know anything can happen.

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  1. I am really, really, really proud of you, Brooke! You are kicking ass and taking names, like a boss. You are unstoppable, and quite frankly, I don’t believe there is anything you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it. It would be a total fib if I said I wasn’t feeling motivated and inspired by your achievements because you have gone and made me feel both those things. You, my beautiful friend, are my hero.

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    • It’s ok not being caught up. One of the handy things about that band is the plethora of lyrical options I have to pull from their 40 year career.its almost like their discography is part of my soundtrack so it’s easy for me to fall back on them and connect to the things that touch me today.

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  2. The line between love and hate is really as thin as they say.
    When a close girlfriend of mine was left by her long-time boyfriend, she told him-I hate your guts; I wish you nth but suffering in life. Cruel, I know, but what else can you tell sb who broke your heart in hundreds of pieces?!

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