Living with a Shattered Heart (Thought Catalog)


A little ‘light-hearted’ reading to start your weekend. Okay, it’s not light-hearted, but it might have something to do with that general area.

Hope it at least makes you feel…

Living With a Shattered Heart

7 thoughts on “Living with a Shattered Heart (Thought Catalog)

    • You are a love. Today, full. I have had so many angels swoop in and work their magic. Timely indeed…tomorrow marks the one year of me taking the leap that landed me in this whole mess. However, had I not, I wouldn’t have these angels.. bittersweet, but sweeter’s odds are looking far better from this vantage point. That you for checking in.. think you fall into the angel category as well. 😉 big hug.

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  1. You continually surprise and amaze me, and I couldn’t be more proud of you, right now! You worked hard for this, Brooke, in so many, many ways. You deserve this, and today I am celebrating your perseverance and strength. I am inspired by you in every possible way. Keep fighting.

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