‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (published in writerbeat.com)

A fun request to publish this article in writerbeat.com. Yet another cool forum to discover great reading and writing!

Smoke and Mirrors

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16 thoughts on “‘Smoke and Mirrors’ (published in writerbeat.com)

  1. That’s precisely why when I meet someone new, I lead with my worst foot forward. I want her to know the things that might justifiably scare some people away, right off the bat. Of course, this works against me fairly often because then people assume that if I’m divulging that much, there must be something even worse. There isn’t. But I get why they might anticipate that. So now I just plain old don’t date. At all. Problem solved!

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  2. Brooke, I love this. So much. Why do we try so hard to be perfect and someone that perhaps we are not when we meet someone new. What a colossal waste of time. It’s all going to come out eventually anyway, right? And if you really have feelings for someone, don’t you want to know their deepest and darkest parts? I know I do. Love isn’t fucking perfect, it is messy and painful and dark, and all of that is what makes it so beautiful. Being vulnerable with someone and having them love you back even though they know everything, is a goddamn amazing thing. We all want to be loved for exactly who we are. Don’t we? As always, I am totally team, Brooke. I love what you have learned, what you share and who you are.

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    • Ohhh, I so love when you comment!! I literally light up and halt all conversations when I see your name pop up!!! I do, however, get anxious when I reply….there is some conspiracy against me telling you how fabulous you are!! 4 times, FOUR, my 100 line comment to your posts has just effin disappeared!!! So I’m posting this now to see if it actually works before I torture myself further!

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      • Aww, you are the sweetest! Thank you. I love commenting on your posts so much because they are all amazing and it makes me happy to let you know!

        Now I have to say this; it is me, not you. I am the problem. Apparently, if you try to leave a comment on one of my posts in the WordPress Reader app, it disappears because I am a .com and not a .org website. So you are not the first to want to pull your hair out when trying to leave a comment on one of my posts. I AM SORRY! Apparently, if you go to my actual site, you can leave a comment. Is that how you have done it before? I don’t seem to have any issues commenting on anyone else’s site or receiving comment notifications back through the app, so I really don’t know what the deal is, only that it is me, not you. I suck.

        And thanks for trying FOUR times!!

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      • You SO do NOT suck!!! There are a number of quirky things about WordPress, especially the phone app… talk about effin pulling your hair out!!! Yes, I think it’s app vs. computer that effs things up. What I was trying to say is that the ax-murderer blog had me laughing out loud and had my hair standing on end a paragraph in! You always bring me right there with you, and I love it… and one day I’m going to hunt you down so I will! Wait, not in an ‘ax-murderer’ kind of way!!
        Big hug to you, as always!! Btw, what is your name? I should know this, seeing as you are my new best friend… πŸ˜‰

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      • My name is Tanya, and I live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Nice to meet you new best friend! 😊 And I think it would be fabulous if you did hunt me down one day, without your axe of course. HA! I think we would have a blast together!! Where do you live right now? I am so happy you enjoyed my blog post – thanks for saying that. Honestly, I don’t even have to make this stuff up, weird just happens to me, like all the time! It certainly keeps life interesting though. Big hug to you, Brooke!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


      • Hi Tanya! Oh, I’ve heard such amazing things about BC, it’s on my list! I’m in Boulder, CO, also a beautiful place to be. COME VISIT!! πŸ™‚
        It seems we are similar in the ‘weird shit happening’ way, too, which is why I write memoirs/non-fiction…you can’t make this shit up! Never a dull moment, not even when we are seemingly in the most drama-proof settings. Keeps life interesting to say the very least, extraordinary, even. ;). You have a great weekend too, love!!

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      • Oh Brooke, if you ever find yourself on the west coast of BC, I promise you will not regret it. This place is paradise, and I find myself constantly overwhelmed by the beauty surrounding me. I am so damn lucky! I would LOVE to come visit sometime, that would be amazing. One day for sure! I have never been to Colorado.
        And I love your assessment of weird and its affect on our lives – extraordinary indeed! I wouldn’t change a thing, and I say, ‘bring on the weird!’ Hope you are having a good weekend! 😘


  3. Beautifully Crafted and Explained!
    We all want to seem in order, all put together. Ever so protective of our deepest selves to others. I guess it could be a protection mechanism or a subconscious insecurity that we may not be good enough or even judged – Especially within love, we fear that we may push others away.
    But those dark corners of our personality are only dark only because they are so deep within our cores and hold so much expression of the beings we are. Sure they may push people away sometimes but the ones that stay and persevere will be the ones that get to experience the real us in all our entirety!
    We all go through dark days and great days, but with each experience is an opportunity for us to understand ourselves a little more and the people around us. To open up fully and express everything with another will eliminate any future regrets we may have – We give all of us at all times πŸ™‚ xoxoxo Love your post – Great Work πŸ™‚


  4. I really enjoyed your article Natalie. I suppose in many ways because I could relate. The facades we project to maintain images that we believe are expected of us not only drinking our energy, but destroy our true self-worth.
    I haven’t made the progress you have yet, but I’m working on it.

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    • oh, my boy…progress is a stretch. At least that is how it feels most times. Things are getting better, though. I just decided I am fucking extraordinary, as crazy and dark as I am. That is what makes me intersting and unique. All light is boring. Who wants to stare at a white piece of paper all the time. Dark is mysterious and intriguing… you have to have both to appreciate the other. Your wife sees the good and knows it is there because of ‘the dark’…that is what true love is. I have been amazed at the comments I’ve received on Writer Beat…every singe one is saying there should be no dark or basically ‘if there is, keep it to yourself’. I think that’s tragic..but I guess that is just my opinion. πŸ™‚ Loved your Facebook post…need to finish it and i’ll let you know how fabulous it is! :o)

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