Whipped Cream Revisted (Published in Thought Journal)

An entertaining one for your Tuesday morning. 🙂

What Not To Say To The Cute Guy ShopAt The Coffee 


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4 thoughts on “Whipped Cream Revisted (Published in Thought Journal)

  1. WOW. My mind is racing right now because I have so many questions. Did you really move to LA to be an actress? Shit. I am going to keep reading and hopefully by the end; I will have learned enough of your story I will be able to put the pieces together and even pass a pop quiz about Brooke. Dude, this post is amazing, and I love it so much. So often I over analyze things and act a fool, so I was right there with you in the coffee shop. You made me laugh with your train of thought; it was all over the damn place, and I can so relate. You joke about it in this post, but your pain. God. Your pain. And FUCKING TEXAS??? That is where it happened? Fuck, man. Okay, I have to go now. I am power reading your blog while I eat breakfast. You are a beautiful, amazing soul. But you already know that. At least you better.


    • Jesus, good luck with that… I can’t even fit the pieces together… seriously have to pause for way longer than what is normal to remember what my zip code is… not even kidding… kinda emblematic of my train of thought, it seems. This is actually my favorite post and where I usually direct people first.. you can actually get a glimpse of the fact that I really do have a personality and can be light-hearted when I’m not on my fucking knees.. and even when I am. And yes, L.A., but be clear… I got my head shots done, and went to maybe one audition… 8 years of acting classes didn’t quite get my confidence above ‘I’m not anything enough to compete with these women who had to have just walked out of a magazine’. And yes, effing Texas of all places… the very last place on the planet I would ever go, especially Arlington. He actually tried to convince me that I didn’t really love him.. it was just my ‘attachment disorder ‘ . I can guarantee you, I don’t care how lonely I was, moving there and going through a living hell for 6 months… pretty much any other scenario would have been way more appealing to attach myself to… unfortunately i fell in love with yet another that was terrible for me… except i really loved him… like the kind that doesn’t go away simply because it’s the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Anyway, lesson learned, I guess. never move somewhere, give up everything and subject yourself to pain and emotional abuse for a guy. Ever.
      Shit, so much for light-hearted!!! I do love whipped cream, though… and that’s light. ;o)


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