Drama Cleanse: Days 7 & 8

I gave us a break yesterday (Sunday, Day 7)… because I needed a break. No drama, though, so we will just make Sundays our ‘day of rest’, unless something dramatic happens that needs to be shared.

  1. 5 minute Journal- check
  2. Podcast: Success Talks: Mel Robbins on the 5 Second Rule
  3. Visualize- This morning
  4. Exercise: Bar Method (Barmethod.com/online)
  5. Goal- Becoming Successful Writer: Finally revised business cards to include blog link

Something I did differently on Saturday was to make a date with my dear friend. She was my neighbor when I lived down the street and she is truly one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She actually reached out to me because she knew I was back and needed a ‘come to Jesus’. And that we did. She took me back to when we met 9 years ago and all the times we have seen each other since. She just gave me a good, gentle shaking to remind me of who this girl is who she has come to know and love, and why. I needed it. And it felt so good to hear about her, her amazing daughter, and her husband. They are the couple who I have referenced before because they have it. Magic. It is visible every time you see them together. They say, ‘we are one person’. And they are. Yet they each are their own, independent amazing person who perfectly compliments the other. No, they are not perfect, and they have to work at it, but they do. And it has been working for almost 3 decades. All this to say. I am making an effort to surround myself with amazing people who think I am amazing, too. I think this is the very least we can do for ourselves.

Podcast: Success Talks: Mel Robbins on the 5 Second Rule

If you listen to just one of these podcasts out of all that I have recommended, please listen to this one. First of all, Mel Robbins is a phenomenal, accomplished woman with a ‘no bullshit’ approach and demeanor. Not esoteric going on here. Just pure ‘this is what you need to do to make the changes you want in your life’.

The 5 Second Rule:

This is so simple and logical, it is mind-blowing. Long/short- it is the same concept as NLP: interrupting brain patterns and replacing them with new ones. So, when we feel anxious, scared, have doubt, feel stuck, are procrastinating, or indulging in a bad habit, we catch ourselves and count backwards- 5,4,3,2,1- and then take action.

She gave the example of pressing the snooze button (definitely not my issue, almost wish I was a snoozer at times). If you catch yourself pressing it over and over because you don’t want to face your day-5,4,3,2,1, and it gives you the focus and presence of mind to get your ass out of bed.

Or, you have a reoccurring thought that is self-defeating and preventing you from taking that risk or a step that will bring you closer to getting what you want, you count 5 =>1 to interrupt the thought or hesitation and just do it.

You also want to have an ‘anchor thought’ to replace the negative one you just disrupted. Her example: you always get anxious when you partner travels and then start to picture worse-case scenarios. So you instead visualize him/her walking through the door excited to see you (I might have added that last part). This just makes much more sense. This is logical. Worrying or envisioning the worst aren’t logical thoughts, and 9x/10, is not what will ever happen.

NOTE: There are times when you should not use this technique, like when making a very big decision that should be thought through longer than 5 seconds.

Something she also reminded me of that I heard decades ago is anxiety vs. excitement. I have used this to calm myself down so many times.

Fear/Anxiety and Excitement elicit the same physiological response in your body.

So when I catch myself saying “I’m so nervous or scared”, I replace it with, “Nope, that’s excitement, love. You are simply excited right now”.

So, please listen to this one. It’s short and so good!

We’ll stick with our same 5 for today. It’s working. Little tiny shifts, but it is working.

Congrats to all. Officially one week, drama free.

  1. journal
  2. visualize for 5 minutes
  3. listen to podcast
  4. exercise
  5. Do one thing, no matter how small, to take steps toward whatever it is you want to do or accomplish


Five-minute Journal: fiveminutejournal.com

Visualization: Mike Dooley (visualization tips: http://www.tut.com)


Success Talks: Mel Robbins on the 5 Second Rule


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