Drama Cleanse: 30 Day Experiment

Enough. This is stopping. If you have been following my blog, you get it. I have managed to spare you the excruciating details- the car accident, the shattered phone twice in two weeks, the neighbors calling the police on me my second night in my new ‘closet’. (I spoke above a whisper ‘disturbing the peace’, was the official complaint… Don’t get me started). It goes on and on.

I declared, when I drove out of Arlington, Texas, no more. I am going back to a place that, yes, has some tough memories, but it is the closest thing I have to home. I have friends there. I know where all of the gems are there. I love the weather there. My dog is there…

This morning I woke up, sad, hungover, depleted and I thought about the definition of insanity (as I often do). We all know it. Doing the same thing over and over…

So I’m trying something different.

I am going to ‘sage’ myself, inside and out. If you are going through similar bullshit and you are ready to stop the madness, you are more than welcome to join. I would actually love the company.

We are going to go beyond ‘self-helping’. This is going to be a complete and total do-over- a deep-cleaning- clean slate- ground zero- do over. Soap, sage, bleach, whatever the fuck it takes.

Starting today (or whenever you are ready). A cleanse. A drama cleanse. Thirty days of all things healthy, nurturing, gentle, relaxing, and fun (quiet fun, the neighbors…).

I’m not sure how this will go down. I have no plan, really. It’s kind of a big, impromptu experiment.

But rest assured, I have done almost every cleanse, read almost every self-help book, memorized almost every inspirational quote and researched almost all of the latest herbal concoctions, meditation methods, and breathing exercises out there.

Okay, ignore the current state of affairs, mine anyway. I clearly have not been implementing any of all previously mentioned. But I have a substantial amount of knowledge to be applied.

So, baby steps, attainable, realistic, baby steps.

I will do my best to not go too ‘esoteric’ on you and keep things grounded and practical. Although, some days, you just need some esoteric. Anyway, will do my best.

So, tomorrow- attainable, realistic, baby steps #1, 2, and 3.

Step #1: Five-minute journal. (App.fiveminutejournal.com) You do it all on your phone. Literally, it takes 5 minutes or less depending on the amount of self-reflection.

Step #2- Podcast of choice (even if just a portion): I’m going with Brene Brown. (will send you link and let you know what I think.)

Step #3. No drinking: I will grab a book, watch my favorite show/movie (happy please), call a friend or invite one over…keeping the noise level to a minimum. (the neighbors…).

I will send out tips and resources, what is working for me, what didn’t, and please do the same!

30 days. You can do anything for 30 days. That is what they say, right, break the old habits that no longer serve us, and formulate new ones that will.

So, here goes…


3 thoughts on “Drama Cleanse: 30 Day Experiment

  1. I am trying not to comment so much on your older posts, but I have to on this one. In a later post of yours(are we in a time paradox here) we started talking about magic. You chose this day to retake control of your life with your drama cleanse. This day is almost my birthday, so I will consider this a gift of magic unto me from you. Thank you for the serendipity of this date. As for any future comments on your older posts, I will blame you if it happens again. I wouldn’t feel the need to if you just weren’t so damned interesting.Thank you for being you!!!

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    • well that started out my day on a much better note…and the sun finally came out! I love that you are commenting on them. That was when I first started writing. I had no idea what I was doing and beginning and didn’t even know if anyone was out there. I sometimes felt like my words were just disappearing into a black hole and honestly don’t even remember what some where about, I was in such a fog. I’ll go back and read this one, because I have no doubt magic was afoot. She’s cheeky that way. 🙂 I think you are the only person who has taken the time to go back and read my blogs from the beginning…it truly blows my mind…and means more than you know.

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      • *ARGH* Sometimes the words in my head sound like platitudes, and I hunt for a response to conveys honesty…I am getting as much, if not more, out of this, than you might. I am “smiling from the inside” someone once told me 🙂 at the thought if it’s impact on you. AND you have inspired to publish a Rush Reboot Bonus Track today. You shall see it shortly.


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