Nasty Women

“Please believe in THE POWER OF ONE. One person can make an enormous difference in the world. One person – actually, one idea – can start a war, or end one, or subvert an entire power structure. One discovery can cure a disease or spawn new technology to benefit or annihilate the human race. You as ONE individual can change millions of lives. Think big. Do not limit your vision and do not ever compromise your dreams or ideals”. 

                           – Iris Chang

I have to confess that I was a bit skeptical of the Women’s March that so many of my friends were flying from all over the country to go to. I knew I wouldn’t be in a city where I would be able to go to one, nor did I really want to. The reality is, I felt defeated. I knew he was now our president, and I kind of just wanted to close my eyes, hold my breath, and crawl back in bed for the next four years until it was all over.

I spent most of the morning avoiding all forms of media, horrified at some of the things I was hearing- the policies being signed into action, and the details being revealed about the people who are now running our country. I just couldn’t listen.

And then I started seeing my friends’ posts on Facebook and Instagram. They caught my attention. I felt a twinge of guilt which evolved into full-on regret. Why the hell was I not there with them? I don’t sit on my couch and accept defeat. What the hell!!

“Thank you for understanding. Sometimes we must put our bodies where our beliefs are. Pressing ‘send’ is not enough.      

                  –   Gloria Steinem, honorary chairman of the march

I spent the rest of the day glued to my phone, my computer, and yes, even the news. I hated the fact that I was one of the ones pushing ‘send’.

And then friends started sending me messages, telling me that I should be there. And so they took me with them. They gave me play by plays, they sent me pictures, face timed me so I could hear the crowds and speeches. I got to go to D.C., Denver, even Paris via text.

I was literally moved to tears watching my friends taking decisive action to be heard and to support those whom he has discriminated against, denounced, and demoralized.

Half a million people- women, men, and children- showed up in D.C. yesterday. HALF A MILLION do not believe in him, in his values, his motives, his actions, his policies, or his capacity to run our country. And those are just the people who were able to be present in D.C. Three million people across the globe showed up in protest of his inauguration. That is unprecedented and a very poignant statement. They were heard.

Interestingly enough, we heard nothing in response to this peaceful revolution from our new leader.

I saw many people’s statements on Facebook mocking the marches. I tried not to engage, but I caved a couple of times. I know it is not an effective way to sway people to adopt your opinions, and I know everyone has a right to their own… just a consequence of being very opinionated and passionate. Sometimes it gets the best of me.

So, after my two attempts to sway people to my side, I gave myself a break from Facebook and ran across Ashley Judd’s speech, proclaimed to be the highlight of the day. I was blown away.

Judd recited a poem written by a 19-year old girl, Nina Donovan, written in protest to Trump and everything he stands for. It was simply brilliant. Here is my favorite part:

“Tell me, why are pads and tampons still taxed when Viagra and Rogaine are not? Is your erection really more than protecting the sacred messy part of my womanhood? Is the blood stain on my jeans more embarrassing than the thinning of your hair

I know it is hard to look at your own entitlement and privilege. You may be afraid of the truth. I am unafraid to be honest. It may sound petty bringing up a few extra cents. It adds up to the pile of change I have yet to see in my country. I can’t see. My eyes are too busy praying to my feet hoping you don’t mistake eye contact for wanting physical contact. Half my life I have been zipping up my smile hoping you don’t think I want to unzip your jeans.

I am unafraid to be nasty because I am nasty like Susan, Elizabeth, Eleanor, Amelia, Rosa, Gloria, Condoleezza, Sonia, Malala, Michelle, Hillary!

And our pussies ain’t for grabbing. There for reminding you that our walls are stronger than America’s ever will be. Our pussies are for our pleasure. They are for birthing new generations of filthy, vulgar, nasty, proud, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, you name it, for new generations of nasty women. So if you a nasty woman, or you love one who is, let me hear you say, hell yeah”. 

So, this is my “few extra cents” about yesterday’s monumental expression of solidarity, conviction, and demand for change. For those of you who believe it was only a statement, a pointless demonstration, or our refusal to ‘accept reality’ (Bill Hemmer’s, reporter for Fox News), I ask you this. If it impacted only a handful of young girls (and I am positive it impacted thousands), if it made them feel empowered, if it demonstrated the power of taking action, if it convinced them that their bodies, their ‘pussies’, are sacred, are theirs to be enjoyed and seen as their gift to the world and not a part of them solely meant to be enjoyed by others or, worse, to be ashamed of, if it made them embrace the fact that they are not objects or ornaments to be paraded about, if they now believe that they are worth infinitely more than their bodies and faces. If any one of those girls adopted one or all of those things as their truth, then yesterday’s date should become a national holiday, no an international holiday. I believe it was something that should go down in history.

I believe it will. And I believe all of you who marched, and even those of us who could only push send, I believe we contributed to a stronger, more confident, more powerful, more active generation of girls and boys who will grow into women and men who will, in fact, change the world.



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