Local language basics and my new normal

Local language basics and my new normal

Twi (local language):

How are you? (a group) Muhu te sen

How are you? (one person) ete sen

I’m fine- Mehuye

Thank you- Medasse

Welcome- akwaaba

What is your name- Ye fre wu sen

The norm here in Ekumfi-Akra:

  • Chickens pecking disturbingly close to my feet
  • Deets…lots of Deet
  • Goats everywhere, running about like domestic pets, crying constantly, awaiting their eventual fate of being someone’s dinner.
  • Children constantly following me, trying to get a closer look at the white woman
  • Eating one meal a day, eating as little as possible
  • Trying to navigate communication with people with absolutely no grasp of their language (at least in DRC I could fumble my way through French)
  • Sweating profusely ….all of the time
  • The whole bucket/flushing/showering process
  • Withdrawals from access to internet and all forms of communication with the outside world
  • Instant coffee (nescafe, of course) evaporated milk in a can (imported from France)
  • Sleeping 2-3 hours/night (combination of my deflated mat and the stifling heat)

2 thoughts on “Local language basics and my new normal

  1. I like the updates. Please be careful. Sounds amazing/awful. I hit a baseball field outhouse today that makes your toilet look like a throne. Please be careful. Watch what you eat and no funny business with the locals.

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