The New Normal

ImageGoing to bed at 8pm

Waiting until the chimps stop screaming to finish my sentence

Finishing a book a week

Walking into a dark room and trying to locate the flashlight before even bothering to turn on the light switch

Inspecting all clothes and shoes for spiders before getting dressed

Speaking 3 different languages in a day

Knowing what day of the week it is based on whether there is cabbage or a pile of beans on my plate

Passing cows, goats and men with machetes on my way to work

Sharing the dinner table with 5 cats

Dousing myself with Deet instead of scented lotion

Missing my boys

Bathing with a bucket

Beans and Bananas

Being stared at…constantly

4 thoughts on “The New Normal

  1. “Sharing the dinner table with 5 cats”: Sounds like the norm in my house…only with more cats.
    “Missing my boys” – ok what did I miss in all the other posts? I don’t recall reading anything about this, but I know the time stamps are different as well.

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      • Hehe you have NO idea. We have taken in and perma-fostered many many cats. We call our place the Island of Misfit Puds due to all the sick and damaged ones we have and have had throughout the years.

        I think I figured out the “boys” part after further reading. I haven’t been able to place Eric in your timeline exactly, but I think I have it. Biscuit I got.

        I am now reading about your adventures in Ghana. I don’t know if there is anything I am missing after that though.

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